Parent Feedback

"Last year, our son Mark, who was 10 at the time, was diagnosed as learning disabled. He was about 2 or 3 years behind in reading and even farther behind in writing, even after several months of private tutoring by others. Don has been a God-send. Mark has progressed rapidly and is now almost at grade level, having improved 2 years in reading in about 10 months of tutoring at The Durham Reading Centre. He now reads all sorts of things, just for fun. After further instruction his writing improved by about the same amount. He is now quite a proficient writer for his grade. We very much appreciate Don's deep knowledge and skill, his patience and creativity. He has been instrumental in turning things around for Mark."

Father of Mark (Grade 5)

"In grade 1 Brett was clearly struggling with reading. He had gone from a happy child in kindergarten to an angry and frustrated one at the end of grade 1. He started to lash out and throw tantrums at home. He would pretend to be sick in order to avoid going to school. He had lost all self-confidence. At the end of grade 1 we learned of the Durham Reading Centre and had Don do an assessment. The assessment indicated that Brett had a weak working memory and phonological memory. He had almost no decoding skills. After reading instruction at the tutoring centre Brett now reads with ease and can sound-out challenging words. In a recently conducted assessment by an educational psychologist, Brett scored in the top percentile in his decoding skills."

"Brett also has an expressive and receptive language impairment. After coordinating his efforts and program with Brett's Special Education Resource Teacher at school, Don tutored Brett to help him improve his receptive and expressive language. We have since noticed a dramatic improvement in Brett's oral communication. His sentence structure, and his ability to describe and listen have improved significantly. The early intervention by Don is directly responsible for the tremendous improvements. Brett has regained his confidence and enjoys school again."

Mother of Brett (Grade 4)

"Katie attended a Primary Language Class for three years. After much specialized instruction and still reading at an early grade one level, we were very concerned. We began tutoring at The Durham Reading Centre and in less than a year her reading improved almost 2 grade levels. As Katie suffers from a severe learning disability, this was not an easy task. Their approach to teaching reading has helped Katie learn to break words down and sound them out more effectively. Because of their program and positive reinforcement, Katie now has more self-confidence and I feel she can learn to work with her disability."

Mother of Katie (Grade 4)

"Chris has received borderline grades in writing for a couple years and his spelling is terrible. He has pretty good ideas for writing but just couldn't express them very well. I felt that he required tutoring so I arranged it at The Durham Reading Centre. Although his spelling is still fairly weak, his writing has improved a lot. Chris now breaks his ideas down into sentences and uses punctuation where it is needed. His writing is now much more organized and much easier to understand. Chris used to hate writing but now is more willing to do it and he is pleased with what he can produce."

Mother of Chris (Grade 5)

"I started being tutored in grade 8 for math and have continued to get tutoring while taking each of my high school math courses. When I first started tutoring I was barely passing and now I have an average in the high 70's in my grade 11 academic math course. This is the third highest mark in my class. I have always wanted to be a teacher but I never felt I could do it because of my low marks. Since I started tutoring and my marks have gone up, I feel much more confident."

Math student (Grade 11)

"Thanks for all of your efforts made towards improving Ryan's reading skills. My husband and I both feel that Ryan now has the tools to tackle unfamiliar words and is well on his way to becoming a fluent reader. We have noticed a dramatic change in his confidence level that has carried over to his other academic subjects and other aspects of his life.

Mother of Ryan (Grade 3)