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Dr. Clark

Dr. Donald Clark

Dr. Donald Clark is both the director and an instructor at the Durham Reading Centre. He has worked with children and adolescents during his entire career. Dr Clark worked as a youth worker at treatment centres in Toronto for two years before entering the public education system for ten years as a teacher of English, Math, and Special Education. He opened the tutoring centre September 2000 so that high-quality, specialized programs would be made available to local residents. Dr. Clark and the teachers have been specially trained so that they can deliver a variety of programs. The entire staff has a genuine desire to foster development in children that will result in higher academic achievement and improved self-esteem.

Educational background of the director

Dr. Clark completed his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees at Queen's University. After commencing his teaching career, he took courses to obtain certification as a Specialist of Special Education within the Durham District School Board. Shortly thereafter he undertook a Masters of Education degree at the University of Toronto. He continued his graduate studies at U of T and achieved his Doctorate of Education. The focus of his graduate studies was reading and writing instruction. His thesis dealt specifically with establishing effective reading instruction methods for children experiencing difficulties in this academic area.